Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Just Want to be Average- Mike Rose Summry

In the narrative piece "I Just Want to be Average", Mike Rose explores his past schooling experience and how his experience at Mercy nearly ruined him as a student. Rose narrates his story of his peers in the vocational learning classes and how his teachers responded of failed oto respond to their needs as students. The various situations Mike experienced all centered around one main thing and that was a lack of effort, by the students and teachers both.

It wasn't until sophomore year biology where the teacher was the same regardless of the students and the situations that Mike was able to escape. Mike received 98 and 99 percents on tests and quizes because he was interested in the subject.

The narrative goes on further to keep telling of Mike's trials and tribulations now as a regular student who had been placed in the lower learning for his career at Mercy and how he was able to overcome that and become more of a better student on the regular track.

Mike Rose's blog is comprised of his stories and ideas behind his main belief in the common person. It ties in past work that relates to today and new work that also relates.

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